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The Gondwana University has been conceived and formed with a foresighted view to cater the aspirations of the economically so also socio- culturally backward districts of Gadchiroli and Chandrapur. Though the network of Governmental agencies have been constantly trying to execute the state welfare policies of an all inclusive development, the resultant progress has been sluggish compared to other areas of the state. This lag has created a host of socio-political tensions and problems as is seen in the rise of Naxalites violence. Though a speedy all inclusive growth is a right answer to all this it cannot be achieved without apt vision and well-tailored methodology. The formation of a new university is therefore a right step in the direction.

The compiled data on overall life of the domain of the university indicates that it has area specific problems like age old poverty, prejudices followed from static mind-sets, directionlessness emerging from traditional ignorance ete. The cumulative effect of all this is a deep chasm between the local populace and the rest of the mainstream society. In brief turning problems in to opportunities forms the real syllabi of the new university.

To translate the above vision in to reality the university has contemplated befitting modalities commensurate with our intended objectives. Same time efforts will also be made to build up motivational strength in the learners so as to in-still in them hope and ambition for self promotion. This certainly is a colossal and formidable task, yet at the same time is a worthy challenge and we have willfully accepted it.
Conventionally a university is concerned with higher education alone. As a bold experiment we wish to have a small but important deviation from this. For example in rural and backward areas we find vast number of young people, who are educated just up to middle school level, yet have inborn talents for doing skilled jobs after proper and adequate training. So there is need to provide such people a job oriented education, motivating them to be an entrepreneur or to be employed with a good package to live their life equal status and satisfaction. There things are possible though our university by applying certain modern tactics in the field of education. With the above concept in mind the university will be having following mission and vision.



A vision is to establish Gondwana University as a role model in Indian higher education system. To make substantial contribution to the overall growth of the region and the nation at large by providing quality higher education to students from all sections of the society and the atThe same time instilling high moral and ethical values in them so as to make them mature and responsible citizens of India



The University will fulfill its mission by addressing the needs of qualified students for differing interest, plans, expectations, and ages. Our mission is to empower the youth of rural and semi-urban area with the best of traditional education and the all-important professional and career oriented skills which are vital in the contemporary global scenario. In short it is to provide a value based quality education at an affordable cost.


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