Educational Articles about Personality Development

  • Wonderful Life with Better Personality

    Personality development is one of the main important things that we all as Human beings have it, Since it is a kind of behavior and attitude that each an every person naturally grown up with. Personality..
  • Do you love your job?

    The question on “Do you love your job?” is a critical question that every employee holds on to answer it honestly. If the work place satisfies his/her needs, probably the gong goes with a positive..
  • How to Develop Creativity

    Creativity is one such quality that everyone admires and wants to develop. Creativity is not something that relates to our knowledge or talent. It is just approaching a thing in a new way. Creative people..
  • Advantage of Meditation

    There are so many advantages to meditation. When we first originally thought of this post, we indeed wanted to make it 100 benefits long (think big right!). However, we weren’t sure if we could..
  • Improve Your Writing Skills

    Dream of becoming the next Ernest Hemmingway or Enid Blyton, but don’t know how to get over your ridiculous spellings, shoddy sentences, and bad grammar? Well, if writing isn’t one of your better skills,..
  • Speech Visual Preview Activity

    The Speech Preview Project: Developing more effective visuals for a presentationBy Reed Markham, Daytona State CollegeCan you imagine viewing a speech about a diesel engine without a visual aid? How about..
  • Steps to Reinventing Yourself

    With everything from your wardrobe to your workplace getting a facelift, there is little reason why you should not consider tweaking up your ‘self’ too. Imagine waking up one morning and being the..
  • Staying Positive! & Being Wonderful

    “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” These words are valuable; they were said by Albert Einstein. This shows how positive he was towards his life and it is no wonder that he become..
  • Developing Critical Thinking Skills

    Bernard Baruch, the famous American financier, once wittily remarked, “Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why.” This is the wonder of critical thinking. No high school, college,..
  • Overcoming social Anxiety

    You are all set to host a presentation. Your palms are clammy, your heart racing, and your throat parched. As you approach the presentation area, your mind begins to get fuzzy. You mumble something and..